Fully Managed VPS 1 vCPU 2 GB RAM by domain eggs

domain eggs Fully Managed VPS 1 vCPU 2 GB RAM

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Fully Managed VPS 1 vCPU 2 GB RAM

Are you in search of a hosting solution that combines reliability, performance, and the ease of management? Look no further! Our Fully Managed VPS with 1 vCPU, 2 GB of RAM, and 40 GB of high-speed SSD storage is designed to cater to your hosting needs. This virtual private server comes with the dedicated support of our team of experts, ensuring that your server is fully managed, secure, and optimized for performance. Explore the outstanding features of this VPS and find answers to frequently asked questions below.

1 CPU Core

Experience smooth and responsive server performance with a dedicated CPU core.


Enjoy efficient multitasking and faster data processing with 2 GB of RAM.

40 GB SSD Storage

Benefit from fast and reliable SSD storage for your data and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fully Managed mean for this VPS?

Fully Managed means our team of experts takes care of all server-related tasks, including maintenance, security, updates, and optimizations, allowing you to focus on your projects.

Can I upgrade the resources of this VPS if my needs grow?

Absolutely! We offer flexible upgrade options to accommodate your growing requirements. You can easily scale up your CPU, RAM, and storage as needed.

Is there a control panel included with this VPS?

This VPS comes with a control panel that allows you to manage and configure your server settings, making it user-friendly, even for those new to server management.

Is the SSD storage on this VPS faster than traditional HDD storage?

Yes, SSD storage is significantly faster than traditional HDD storage. It offers quicker data access and faster loading times for applications and websites.

What operating systems are available for this VPS?

You can choose from a variety of popular operating systems, including Linux distributions and Windows Server, to suit your specific requirements.

Is there a backup solution included with this VPS?

Yes, we offer backup solutions to safeguard your data. Our team can assist you in setting up regular backups for added peace of mind.

The Fully Managed VPS 1 vCPU 2 GB RAM is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses seeking a hassle-free hosting solution.

With dedicated resources, expert management, and fast SSD storage, your virtual server is ready to deliver top-notch performance for your projects and applications.

Fully Managed VPS 1 vCPU 2 GB RAM

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB SSD Storage
  • Dedicated team of experts to fully manage your server
€295.99 / per month

In Need of More Robust Dedicated Choices?

Introducing our Fully Managed VPS 2 vCPU 4 GB RAM package

An ideal hosting solution for your online endeavours. Here’s what makes it a standout choice.

Key Features

Balanced Performance

With 2 virtual CPU cores and 4 GB of RAM, your websites and applications will run smoothly and efficiently.

SSD Storage

Benefit from high-speed SSD storage, ensuring rapid data access and improved server responsiveness.

Expert Management

Our dedicated team of professionals handles server management, security, and optimisation, freeing you from technical hassles.


Start with this configuration and easily upgrade as your online projects grow, ensuring your hosting resources always align with your needs.

Choice of Operating System

Whether you prefer Windows or Linux, you have the flexibility to select the operating system that suits your hosting requirements.

24/7 Support

Enjoy round-the-clock customer support, providing assistance whenever you need it.