domain eggs Self Managed VPS 2 vCPU 8 GB RAM

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Self Managed VPS 2 vCPU 8 GB RAM

Our Self Managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) with 2 vCPU and 8 GB RAM is your ticket to complete control over your hosting environment. With robust hardware and ample resources, this plan empowers you to manage your server exactly the way you envision. Here’s what you can expect from this outstanding hosting solution.

2 CPU Cores

Experience the efficiency of 2 CPU cores, ensuring your server can efficiently handle a wide range of tasks and applications.


With 8 GB of RAM, your server can multitask seamlessly, providing a smoother and more responsive performance.

100 GB SSD Storage

Benefit from high-speed SSD storage with 100 GB of space, ensuring rapid data access and reduced load times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A VPS is a virtualized server that operates independently within a larger physical server. It offers more control and resources compared to shared hosting.

How do 2 CPU cores enhance my server’s performance?

Having 2 CPU cores ensures your server can efficiently manage various tasks and applications, resulting in optimal performance.

Why is 8 GB of RAM important for my server?

With 8 GB of RAM, your server can comfortably handle multiple tasks concurrently without experiencing slowdowns, leading to a smoother and more responsive performance.

What’s the significance of SSD storage for a VPS?

SSD storage provides faster data access and read/write speeds, significantly improving your server’s overall speed and responsiveness.

What does Self Managed mean?

Self Managed means that you have complete control over your server’s setup, maintenance, security, and software installations.

Can I install my choice of operating system and software on this VPS?

Absolutely! With a Self Managed VPS, you have the flexibility to install and configure your preferred operating system and software.

Is technical support included with this plan?

This plan typically does not include technical support. You are responsible for managing and maintaining your server. However, you can contact our support team for hardware-related issues.

With Self Managed VPS 2 vCPU 8 GB RAM, you’re embarking on a hosting journey that offers you complete freedom and control.

Customise, optimise, and manage your server according to your unique needs and preferences while enjoying the advantages of robust hardware.

Self Managed VPS 2 vCPU 8 GB RAM by domain eggs

Self Managed VPS 2 vCPU 8 GB RAM

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
€126.99 / per month

Exploring Upgraded Dedicated Solutions?

Self Managed VPS 4 vCPU 16 GB RAM

Our Self Managed VPS with 4 virtual CPU cores and 16 GB of RAM is a robust hosting solution designed to meet the demands of growing websites and applications. It offers a powerful and flexible environment that can handle increased traffic and resource-intensive tasks.

Key Features of Self Managed VPS 4 vCPU 16 GB RAM

High Performance

With four virtual CPU cores and 16 GB of RAM, this VPS configuration provides ample computing power to ensure smooth performance even for complex web applications and high-traffic websites.

SSD Storage

Experience the benefits of Solid-State Drive (SSD) storage, which delivers faster data retrieval, reduced latency, and improved overall system responsiveness.

Full Control

You have complete control over your VPS environment, allowing you to install custom software, configure server settings, and manage your hosting resources according to your needs.


As your online projects continue to grow, this VPS can scale with you. You can easily upgrade your resources to accommodate increasing traffic and demands.


Our VPS infrastructure is built for reliability, ensuring your websites and applications are available to your audience 24/7.


Enjoy the enhanced security of a dedicated hosting environment, keeping your data and applications safe from potential threats.


This VPS is suitable for a wide range of uses, from hosting multiple websites and e-commerce stores to running resource-intensive web applications and databases.